Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Nazi INternational

Hal. this new book by a friend is one of the most important "in depth" studies and disclosures, of the least understood or discussed subject in America today. Jospeh Farrell, an Oxford graduate in the studies of "ancient documents", which include Sumerian and Babylonian source material, as well as the primary sources of biblical documents, combined with his specialty,in high energy Physics as another discipline, has written eight books in the last five years on a wide variety of subjects that are critical to our understanding of the enemy, and his "scope" of activities today. Jospeh includes in his work very esoteric subject matter in the fields of physics such as Hitlers still secret exotic weapons, now known as UFO.s and "The Bell",(google it), as well as the world wide forces the Fourth Reich now exerts in the economic sphere with their key stock transactions and insider manipulation, combined with their control through management of most of the multi national corporations in almost every instance.

Because of the brilliant and complex escape strategies and plans laid out by HItler and Bormann in the late stages (1943) of a war thar Hitler saw as ultimately “lost”, and their provisions for the Reich to go underground, only to rise again in shiny new business suits and legitimate corporate, "cloaks" for the Nazi elite..they have succeeded (quietly and conspiratorially), in rebuilding the core principles, Fascist philosophy, and global economic and industrial power even larger in its wealth and scope than what they had before.

Now, the next generation and new recruits and converts are sitting at the pinnacles of the global markets in manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, illegal and illicit drugs, weapons of war, and with their single mindedness and monolithic strategies and highly influential members sitting in respected and executive positions in the major religions, (Islam, Christianity, Buddhism through their puppet the Dalai Lama, (see my blog here..and of course inside Christianity), business and intelligence communities globally they are fast initiating their final plans for a global takeover in a more visible way.

Because of the complete negligence (wittingly and unwittingly), and in most cases complicity of the American and other International intelligence agencies to track, investigate and disclose, the Nazi SS and the elite, the wholly intact and fiercely loyal membership the Nazi infrastructure and its transitional team have morphed into a huge corporate web of multi nationals corporations and religious ideologies which today is the single strongest and richest and powerful “monolithic” entity in the world.
You will not read about this phenomenon in any of the main stream (or alternative) press partly because of its ability to hide itself (like the classic “will o the wisp” and totally invisable, Satan) from public view because of the very nature of the corporate and intelligence agencies forms that easily hide actual powers of control in board rooms and proxies that are placed to hide the true identities of the decision makers globally. is a review of the book..a must read in order to see more "objectively" the contours of the beast and to be able to anticipate its strategies and plans and ‘achtungs” actions.

With this book Farrell takes a slight detour from his usual scientific detective work and moves into the realm of "conspiracy theory," or as he says, "conspiracy hypothesis." Using the same logical precision I have come to expect from his work, he analyzes the rumors and stories of Nazi escape at the end of World
War 2.

Even in a work this size, over 400 pages, he can still only scratch the surface of the vast, powerful underground movement that the Nazi party created to facilitate their escape from their near-miss at world domination. As Jim Marrs has pointed out in his new book, and Farrell echoes here, the Nazi Party never surrendered - Germany, Japan and Italy did, but the Nazis did not. To drive the point home clearly, Farrell reproduces the "instruments of surrender" signed at the end of the war. Was it an incredible oversight to let the Nazis slip through the cracks like that, or was it just another part of their extraordinary plan?

The book is 12 chapters in 4 sections, and begins with a look at the surrender, the science fiction novels of Wilhelm Landig, Nazi UFO myths (truths), and Reinhold Schmidt, and part of the information Carol Rosin communicates from the late Werner Von Braun (a greater portion of which is available from Steven Greer's Disclosure Project, and well worth your attention). I was especially happy to see more information on Landig, as I was intrigued by his mention of Landig's novels in an earlier book.

He goes on to describe the financial processes by which Allied banking and other Big Money interests helped create both the Nazi party and the Bolshevik revolution. Again, he shows that the financial dealings and corporate underground created are so vast and powerful that even a book this size can only hit the high points. The legal wrangling of I.G. Farben's breakup took 52 years because the corporation was so vast and convoluted!

He discusses the escape theories surrounding Martin Bormann, Heinrich "Gestapo" Muller, and Adolf Hitler, having dealt with Hans Kammler and others in his previous books on Nazi scientific work.

He covers the migration of Nazis to South America and other places, and spends a large part of the book looking at the financial and political threads that indicate the heavy influence of the Nazis, even to this day. An interesting revelation is how important Nazis such as Otto Skorzeny were to the creation and training of our current nemesis, Arab terrorism.

He ends the book with information on the secret scientific work in Argentina and elsewhere, with a final chapter on Nazi influence in NASA. In the NASA chapter he quotes heavily from the research of Hoagland and Bara, which is also worth reading in depth. This is the only section where he gets back to the science we are so used to him writing about.

As always, Farrell dishes up a fantastic survey of the situation, paying great heed to detail and corroboration. He cites his sources, and provides actual copies of many documents, both in the main text and an appendix. He proves once again that he has the skills of a scientist with the intuition of a street wise detective. His procedure is logical and follows his usual structure of point by point elucidation backed up by evidence and lists of conclusions. Also, as always, he gives the reader lots of entry points to go deeper into the information.

While something of a departure from his more science oriented books, he proves that he can handle the topics of finance and politics as well as he does science. If you liked his other books, you'll like this one. If you are interested in just how much influence the Nazis still exert in this world and how they managed to get in that position, this is a good place to start.

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